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Atlanta Journal Constitution: Aubrey Lee Price Victims Win Judgements

Eight former Aubrey Lee Price victims have won judgements against Price’s Atlanta firm. Read the full story from the Atlanta Journal Constitution here.

Aubrey Lee Price Victims Win Big

FINRA recently released an arbitrators’ decision awarding nearly $845,000 to four investors, victims of Aubrey Lee Price. FSC Securities, Inc. and its president, Jerome Murphy, were ordered to the pay the investors plus cover their attorney and court fees.

We believe there are more of Price’s victims who have yet to come forward. If you believe you have been a victim, contact Chapman LLC at (877) 410-8172.

Charles Bethea Releases Series of Jailhouse Interviews with Aubrey Lee Price

Freelance reporter for Atlanta Magazine and, Charles Bethea, has released a series of jailhouse interviews that he conducted with Aubrey Lee Price. Read more here or watch the news clip here.

John Chapman Speaks About Aubrey Lee Price’s Guilty Plea

Aubrey Lee Price faced a judge in federal court Thursday.

“It’s good to know that Mr. Price is behind bars as he should be. But it isn’t exactly justice for victims of his scheme. You know, justice means putting money back in their pockets” - John S. Chapman

Read the news article featuring John Chapman here and watch the news clip about the trial here.

Breaking News: Aubrey Lee Price Pleads Guilty

Today (June 4, 2014), 47-year-old Aubrey Lee Price agreed to a plea deal. A hearing is scheduled for this Thursday. Read the full story here.

If you have been affected, please contact attorney John S. Chapman of the Chapman, LLC firm (toll free at 877-410-8172 or 216-241-8172.), or attorney Robert C. Port of the Cohen Goldstein Port & Gottlieb, LLP firm.

The “Price” We Paid

Aubrey Lee Price has received more than his share of 15 minutes of fame. Featured, in absentia, on an episode of ‘American Greed’, Price has since returned from the dead, raising media frenzy, Price is liking all this dust-up and attention, I expect; it plays to the boundless grandiosity and self-styled martyrdom which are so apparent in his confession/suicide letter. The letter is all self-flagellation. It offers the reader not a word of substance or truth. Price absolves from blame his cronies Justin Zegalia, Tim Cannady, not because either is blameless; heaven knows neither of these characters is blameless. Price figured that by absolving these disciples of all blame and taking the blame upon himself, all on the on the eve of his watery demise, would only heighten his martyrdom. The reality—that Price threw everybody who ever trusted him him under the bus —is overshadowed by the melodrama of Price casting his forsaken self into the Gulf waters, thus out-victimizing his own victims. This is not so much “American Greed” as “American Narcissism”.

The Wolf of Peachtree Street

Martin Scorsese’s new movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” depicts the debauchery and jaw-dropping priceexcesses of a pack of Wall Street thieves.  It’s a confusing, off-putting movie because the disgusting and degenerate villains who occupy center stage have a charismatic swagger and bravado. Each has come from rags to riches.  All are funny—in a nihilistic, frat-boy way–all are dressed for success and living the dream. Like Lee Price and his henchmen, they have no concern whatever for the welfare of the poor saps who make the mistake of trusting them.  This is Darwinland, after all, and they are the wolves.

Scorsese’s movie has a hero, but one with none of the qualities our popular culture celebrates. He is a modestly-paid office worker, a cog in a vast bureaucracy, who rides the subway to work and carries his lunch in a brown paper bag.  His suit is rumpled and his Florsheims are scuffed. His job is to protect the investing public by detecting and stopping financial fraud.  He neither lives large nor dreams big. But he takes his job seriously and opposes evil instead of acquiescing in it.  That’s enough to qualify him as a hero in this moral wasteland.

Price operated in Darwinland, too.  For years, he and his co-horts feasted on the lame, the halt, the blind and anybody else lured in by their “trust” and ‘professionalism” marketing riffs.  But how about that Glynn County (Ga) sheriff’s deputy who pulled Price over on I-95 a couple days ago for a minor violation, smelled a rat, saw through the lies, the phony ID’s, the abundant facial hair, and eventually figured out who he’d pulled over?  Too bad that guy didn’t catch up with Price back when he launched the fraudulent enterprise that has destroyed the financial security of so many Atlanta families.

Aubrey Lee Price Captured in South Georgia!

Aubrey Lee Price was captured Tuesday, December 31, 2013 after one and a half years on the run.   He was pulled over by police because his car had illegally tinted windows.  The police knew right away who they were dealing with.  John Chapman was quoted by local news sources as saying and that he was glad that Price was captured.

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Aubrey Lee Price Featured in “American Greed”

american-greed-the-fugitives-aubrey-lee-priceThe television show “American Greed” which airs on MSSNBC Thursdays at 10:00 has featured Aubrey Lee Price in its fugitive series. The episode highlights how Aubrey Lee Price was able to squander money from over 100 investors for a total of over 40 million dollars.

Chapman Attorneys Team With Atlanta’s Robert C. Port as First Trial Approaches

Robert C. Port

Robert C. Port

For the allegations against Aubrey Lee Price and his companies, PFG, LLC, PFGBI, LLC, Montgomery Asset Management, LLC, we’ve partnered with Robert C. Port, Esq. of the law firm of Cohen Goldstein Port & Gottlieb, LLP. View his full bio below.

Robert C. Port is a partner with the Atlanta law firm of Cohen, Goldstein, Port & Gottlieb, LLP, where he practices business and securities litigation.  He has a particular emphasis on representing investors harmed by the misconduct of their stockbroker, investment advisor, or insurance agent.

Mr. Port has tried cases as first or second chair in both federal and state courts, as well as before NASD, FINRA, and AAA arbitration panels.  He is a frequent speaker on securities litigation and arbitration before a variety of audiences, including the Georgia Institute of Continuing Legal Education (ICLE), the Atlanta Bar Association, The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the Georgia Society of CPAs, and National Business Institute (NBI).  He has also been a guest commentator on “Money Matters,” WSB Radio, 750 AM, Atlanta, Georgia, and “On The Money,” WXEL 90.7FM, South Florida National Public Radio, Palm Beach, Florida.  Mr. Port has also repeatedly been selected as a “Super Lawyer” in the areas of Securities Litigation and Business Litigation by Thompson Reuters and Atlanta Magazine, based on ratings of outstanding lawyers from more than 70 practice areas who have attained a high-degree of peer recognition and professional achievement.

Mr. Port has published numerous articles on securities law issues, including “Holmes v. Grubman: The Supreme Court of Georgia Balances Financial Advisor Common Law Liability and Investor Protection,Georgia Bar Journal, Feb. 2011 (co-authored with Jason Doss); “Wall Street Wants to Keep Consumers in the Dark,Fulton County Daily Report, October 15, 2010 (co-authored with Jason Doss); “Court Taught Me All About Investing,” Fulton County Daily Report, August 21, 2006; “Theories of Stockbroker and Brokerage Firm Liability,” Georgia Bar Journal, April 2004; “Common Theories of Stockbroker and Brokerage Firm Liability,” The Litigator, Litigation Section of the Atlanta Bar Association, Inc., Fall 2003; and “Common Fact Patterns of Stockbroker Fraud and Misconduct,Georgia Bar Journal, June 2002.

Mr. Port attended the University of North Carolina, where he obtained a B.A., with Honors, in 1979, and a J.D., with Honors, in 1983.  Following law school, he was a Law Clerk for Hon. Eugene N. Gordon, Unites States District Court Judge for the Middle District of North Carolina.